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AI-driven cookie management platform. Auto-scan, categorise, fill missing info, and generate dynamic policies. Streamline user consent effortlessly. 🍪 ✨ Explore features ->

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Features Overview

Powerful Features

Discover the robust features that make our consent widget the ultimate solution for cookie compliance.

AI-Enhanced Cookie Management

Dive into the core of your business while our AI takes over the tedious task of cookie detection, categorisation and blocks them until visitors give consent.

Trust-Centric Consent Collection

Facilitate a transparent consent process that respects user choices, enhancing trust with straightforward, user-centric consent tools.

Robust Consent Record Keeping

Achieve continuous compliance and retain peace of mind with our consent dashboard and detailed cookie reports. Consent logs available for audit purposes or data subject access requests.

Is your website compliant?

Check if your website's use of cookies and online tracking is compliant. Take the next step towards compliance.