Modern Cookie Compliance Powered by AI

AI-driven cookie management platform. Auto-scan, categorise, fill missing info, and generate dynamic policies. Streamline user consent effortlessly. 🍪✨

Features Overview

Powerful Features

Discover the robust features that make our consent widget the ultimate solution for cookie compliance.

AI Auto-Fill & Cookie Policy Generator.
Our AI tool auto-sorts cookies and crafts tailored policies from live data, ensuring clarity and privacy in one seamless step.
Cookie Preference Management.
Empower your visitors with easy-to-use controls to manage their cookie preferences. Our widget ensures transparency and gives users the freedom to choose.
Real-time Analytics.
Gain valuable insights into visitor consent patterns and preferences. Monitor and optimize your cookie consent strategy for maximum effectiveness and compliance.

Brand Customization

Make It Yours: Customize with Ease

Create a seamless user experience by effortlessly aligning the look and feel of our consent widget with your website's brand.

Bake a Better Web Experience! 🍪

Easily manage cookies and track consent. Streamline user consent effortlessly.