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Wildcard Cookies

Group multiple cookies with a pattern together for requesting consent.

Our latest update introduces a powerful feature—wildcard cookies—which uses the * symbol to simplify how you manage cookies that follow similar naming patterns. This functionality allows you to streamline your cookie management, consolidating multiple cookie entries into a single rule.

Understanding Wildcard Cookies

Wildcard cookies transform cookie management by allowing groups of cookies to be managed under a unified rule. For instance, a wildcard like user_* can automatically cover cookies named user_123, user_456, user_789, etc. This not only tidies up the management process but also reduces the likelihood of overlooking individual cookie consents.

Advantages of Wildcard Cookies

Integrating wildcard cookies into your consent management strategy offers multiple benefits:

  • Simplification: It decreases the number of entries in your cookie policy, thereby cleaning up CMP settings.

  • Efficiency: Grouping cookies enhances management efficiency and reduces errors during policy setup.

  • Flexibility: Wildcard cookies adapt fluidly to new cookies that fall under existing patterns, ensuring compliance without constant manual updates.