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Enhanced Consent Tracking Graph

Track and analyse consent types over time with ease!

We are excited to introduce a new addition to the CookieChimp dashboard: an advanced Consent Tracking Graph. This new widget provides a clear and detailed view of consent types over time, helping you understand user preferences and behaviours better. This new graph allows you to gain deeper insights into consent patterns, helping you refine your consent management strategy.

All-New Dashboard

Simple, intuitive interface to help you quickly access key metrics.

Our new dashboard provides a sleek, intuitive interface to help you access key metrics like pageviews, unique visitors, and consents quickly. Track visitor trends with our interactive graph, see where your visitors come from with a breakdown of the top five countries, and understand how users access your site with detailed device-specific analytics.

Iframe Manager

Stop third-party tracking and data collection without user consent.

Restrict specific iframes from loading content from third-party domains until consent is obtained. Currently supporting YouTube, Vimeo and Google Maps. Support for more integrations coming soon. Get in touch to request an integration.

Google Connect, SSO & Two-Factor Authentication

Enhance security and simplify access to your CookieChimp account.

Simplifying the login process using your Google credentials.

Companies interested in custom Single Sign-On (SSO) configurations can contact our support team to get set up and tailor solutions to their specific needs.

Using email & password? Enhance security with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), now available for an added layer of protection during login processes.

Multilingual Everything - Powered by AI

Translate consent banners, categories, and all related details into multiple languages with just one click.

Our new translation tool leverages AI to provide quick, accurate translations of all content related to consent management. This feature is designed to ensure that your consent banners and related materials are easily understandable by users worldwide, facilitating better compliance with international regulations and enhancing user experience.

Privacy Trigger

Allow users to access and manage their consent preferences at any time.

Floating Privacy Button, a persistent on-page icon that allows users to access and manage their consent preferences at any time. Enabling this feature is straightforward, ensuring constant visibility for compliance and user convenience.

Global Privacy Control (GPC)

Let users signal their desired privacy preferences by recognising GPC.

Global Privacy Control (GPC) is a technical standard that allows users to communicate their privacy preferences, such as refusing the sale of personal data, to websites they visit with a single setting in their browser or device.

GPC is important as it provides a straightforward and uniform method for users to assert their privacy rights across multiple websites. This feature supports compliance with laws like the CCPA and GDPR, which require businesses to honor such privacy signals. By recognising and responding to GPC signals, websites can demonstrate their commitment to privacy and transparency, enhancing trust among users.

Google Consent Mode v2

Communicate your users’ cookie or app identifier consent status to Google.

Google Consent Mode allows website owners to manage how Google's services interact with users based on their consent choices. Specifically, it modifies the behaviour of Google's advertising and analytics scripts to align with user preferences about cookies and data collection.

This mode ensures that user decisions regarding ad personalisation and analytics cookies are respected. If a user declines consent for cookies, Google services will adjust their operations to avoid using cookies that track personal data, yet still provide the website with aggregated insights and ad performance metrics without identifying individual users.

Geo-Targeting & Multiple Banners

Customise consent management across different regions with precise control.

Create multiple consent banners, each with unique designs, settings, and content tailored to specific purposes. Opt-in and opt-out banners can be differentiated easily, allowing for targeted consent approaches based on regional preferences and legal requirements.

Then specify where each banner is displayed—globally, by continent, country, or even specific U.S. states. It's designed to help you comply with regional data protection laws like GDPR in Europe or CCPA in California by showing appropriate banners based on the user's location.

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Wildcard Cookies

Group multiple cookies with a pattern together for requesting consent.

Our latest update introduces a powerful feature—wildcard cookies—which uses the * symbol to simplify how you manage cookies that follow similar naming patterns. This functionality allows you to streamline your cookie management, consolidating multiple cookie entries into a single rule.

Understanding Wildcard Cookies

Wildcard cookies transform cookie management by allowing groups of cookies to be managed under a unified rule. For instance, a wildcard like user_* can automatically cover cookies named user_123, user_456, user_789, etc. This not only tidies up the management process but also reduces the likelihood of overlooking individual cookie consents.

Advantages of Wildcard Cookies

Integrating wildcard cookies into your consent management strategy offers multiple benefits:

  • Simplification: It decreases the number of entries in your cookie policy, thereby cleaning up CMP settings.

  • Efficiency: Grouping cookies enhances management efficiency and reduces errors during policy setup.

  • Flexibility: Wildcard cookies adapt fluidly to new cookies that fall under existing patterns, ensuring compliance without constant manual updates.