CookieChimp’s JS widget actively scans for cookies as users navigate your site, ensuring comprehensive cookie management and compliance.

This feature can be toggled on or off in the dashboard, providing flexibility based on your preferences.

How It Works

  • Real-Time Scanning: As users browse, the widget scans and identifies cookies set in the browser.
  • Server Processing: Only the names of detected cookies are sent to our servers for processing, aiding in compliance and audit trail creation.
  • Notification for New Cookies: Administrators are alerted about new cookies for inclusion in the consent model, ensuring awareness of all cookies, including those from third parties.

AI-Driven Features

  • Automated Categorization: With AI enabled, new cookies are automatically categorized, and missing information is populated from our database and web sources.
  • Dynamic Consent Model Updates: Keeps your consent model up-to-date with minimal manual intervention.


Secure (HTTPOnly) Cookies: The widget cannot access secure cookies set by the server. These must be manually added to the platform for comprehensive coverage.